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Moral Manifesto

Moral Manifesto

Get All The Support And Guidance You Need To Be A Success At Raising A Moral Kid. This Book Is One Of the Most Valuable Resources In The World When It Comes To Tips For Parents For Teaching Values.

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Stop Bullying Problems In 3 Days Or Less

Read This Special Report And Discover The 6 Highly Effective Skills That You Need To Know To Protect Your Child From Bullies In 3 Days Or Less. A Proven System That Has Worked For Hundreds Of Families And Their Children. With only a little time and focus, parents can positively change their childrens lives and stop a bullying problem in its tracks. If you have a child who is the target of a bully, this report could reduce their stress, renew their motivation to go to school, and positively transform their lives forever. This special report will outline specifically what a parent can and should do if they find out that their child is the target of a bully, with no fluff and no filler. Just a clear cut plan of action that actually works in todays real world.

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Contents: Ebook
Author: Meet Brett Lechtenberg
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Highly Recommended

This e-book comes with the great features it has and offers you a totally simple steps explaining everything in detail with a very understandable language for all those who are interested.

All the modules inside this e-book are very detailed and explanatory, there is nothing as comprehensive as this guide.

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Cyber Bullying and Stalking Guide

The Cyber Bullying and Stalking Guide is possibly the most comprehensive book on the subject of online harassment and is backed up with resources and tools in the members area. Cyber Stalking Victim Resource and Support Group: Inside you will find tools and links to online resources to assist a victim performing many of the tasks described throughout the book along with step by step guides for many of those tasks such as lodging complaints. We also provide a directory to many support services and organizations both online and offline. The securely moderated online forums aim to provide a safe environment for victims to ask questions and communicate with other victims if they like. Myself or one of my support staff also try to respond to all questions posted. We actually encourage asking question in these private forums as the questions and answers help build a valuable knowledge base that will help other members. Read more here...

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Contents: Ebook + Online Membership
Author: Chris Bennetts
Official Website: cyberbullyingandstalkingguide.com
Price: $9.99

Bullying In Schools A Practical Guide For Parents

Here's A Practical Guide For Stopping Bullying Today, And Making Sure There Is No Lasting Damage To Your Child's Future. Here is what you'll get inside: Understanding bullying. what causes it, where it happens, and why the bullied can become the bully The 3 major areas of bullying, so you can recognise it when you see or hear it. How to approach your child and discover what's really going on How to approach the school and teachers without them shrugging you off How to use the sting technique to counteract schools and teachers that don't believe your case (rare, but this does actually happen) 3 step plan to take when Your child already is or becomes the bully Teachers that provoke bullying (or do it indirectly). how to find out if this is happening to your child, and exactly how to put an end to it Should you change schools? 3 things to consider before you do. If you decide to change schools, 3 more things to check so that this doesn't happen again. How to prevent the hidden friendship bullying (this is much harder to spot, can last years, and can cause serious damage if not dealt with soon enough)

Bullying In Schools A Practical Guide For Parents Summary

Contents: EBook
Author: Helen Rose Anderson
Official Website: www.bullyinginschools.co.uk
Price: $37.00

Promoting the Gay Agenda

Indeed, homosexual activists have made great strides in public schools. One of the ways they are forcing their agenda into schools is through so-called anti-harassment or anti-bullying policies, explored below. Through this vehicle and others, their goal is not simply to end the mistreatment of gays or to prevent bullying, but to force heterosexual society to accept their behavior as normal-as just another equally valid lifestyle.

The Politics of the NEA

No one approves of actual bullying or harassment of any groups or individuals for any reason, including sexual orientation. The problem some have with the message of Just the Facts and related propaganda is that it assumes that the higher rates of emotional distress, suicide attempts, and risky sexual behavior and substance abuse are the result of bullying rather than something that might be linked to the lifestyle behaviors themselves. Beyond that, though, the real civil rights issue here is the discrimination against students who uphold traditional religious beliefs about homosexuality. There is no legitimate reason for the public schools to assume a charter to reshape the religious beliefs of students or to deny them the right to freely dissent from this propaganda. Bullying is legitimately punishable-and always has been. But the idea that traditional religious beliefs should be subverted by the public schools as a matter of course and duty is ominous.

Paul Erdman

The United States, by the end of 1988, had become the world's most hated country And not just in Latin America where the United States had for generations been regarded as the world's last imperialist power. No the same hatred was also endemic in Europe. Here the United States was seen as a bully nation led by primitive men who were forever threatening the extinction of mankind, obsessed, as they were, with retaining global power no matter what the cost might be for others. If it come to a showdown with the Russians, many Europeans were convinced that the Americans would fight to the last German and Frenchman and Britisher. Better them dead than America Red.

Love as Service Pietism and the Diaconal Movements

Wichern recorded his shocked descriptions of the living conditions of the urban proletariat in his diary, and his early writings parallel Friedrich Engels' descriptions of the situation of the English working class. The young Wichern used large parish meetings as a bully pulpit to challenge citizens to charitable work. Convinced that neglected and abused children had to be given a new environment, he gained access to a dilapidated cottage on a local estate and began a rescue home for children. Known as the ''Rauhe Haus'' (''Rough House'') because of its poor condition, but called by Wichern ''the House of Love,'' he, his mother, a sister and brother, moved in and began repairs. Within days they were bringing in neglected children of the city. By the end of the year (1833) there were 12 boys ranging in age from five to eighteen most of whom Wichern had met in prison or on the streets where they literally spent their nights. One of the 12-year-olds had been arrested 92 times for theft

Does Morality Require Belief In

Nobody else) and leave others to enjoy theirs in private whatever their inclinations, which are none of your business (263-64). As for ethical role models, the Bible has no good ones to offer either, starting with God. God comes off as arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction jealous and proud of it a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infantieidah genocidal, fiiicidah pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully*' (31). No wonder Abraham, Noah, and Moses are such shady characters also. Just consider their role model.

James Alison

Important for our moral and spiritual development. It is here that we learn to stand up for the weak, or, in my case, to my shame, how to hide myself, join in the crowd of haters and pass for straight until a later time. And the interesting thing is that in this sense the gay thing comes upon straight kids as well - they too make moral choices, know what is right and wrong here. More and more adults and kids are reporting that straight kids are increasingly reluctant to go along with gay bullying, whether they see it being done by fellow students or by adults. This is not because they have become hedonistic, oversexualized decadents. It is, on the contrary, because they seem to sense that such behavior is unworthy of them they are less than straight if they need to beat up on the gay kids.