Some Basic Sources

Publications by Governments and International Organizations

Amnesty International: Bosnia-Herzegovina: Gross Abuses of Basic Human Rights (New York: 1992); Bosnia-Herzegovina: Rana u dusi—A Wound to the Soul (New York, 1993).

Helsinki Watch: War Crimes in Bosnia-Hercegovina (New York: Human Rights Watch, 1992); Letter to President of Serbia and JNA Chief of Staff (New York, 1992); War Crimes in Bosnia-Hercegovina , Vol. I (New York, 1992); War Crimes in Bosnia-Hercegovina , Vol. 2 (New York, 1993); Abuses Continue in the Former Yugoslavia: Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Hercegovina (New York, 1993); Prosecute Now!: Helsinki Watch Releases Eight Cases for War Crimes Tribunal on Former Yugoslavia (New York, 1993); Procedural and Evidentiary Issues for the Yugoslav War Crimes Tribunal: Resource Allocation, Evidentiary

Questions and Protection of Witnesses (New York, 1993); Abases by Bosnian Croat and Muslim Forces in Central and Southwestern Bosnia-Hercegovina (New York, 1993); The War Crimes Tribunal: One Year Later (New York, 1994); War Crimes in Bosnia-Hercegovina: Bosanski Samac (New York, 1994); War Crimes in Bosnia-Hercegovina: U.N. Cease-Fire Won't Help Banja Luka (New York, 1994); Sarajevo (New York, 1994); "Ethnic Cleansing" Continues in Northern Bosnia (New York, 1994); War Crimes Trials in Former Yugoslavia (New York, 1995).

UN Security Council: Annex I: European Community Investigative Mission into the Treatment of Muslim Women in the Former Yugoslavia, Report to the European Community Foreign Ministers , Vol. S/25240, February 3, 1993 (New York: United Nations, 1993).

U.S. Congress: Genocide in Bosnia-Herzegovina: Hearing Before the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, One Hundred Fourth Congress , Vol. CSCE 104-1-4 (Washington, D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1995).

U.S. Department of State: "War Crimes in the Former Yugoslavia": This consists of eight U.S. State Department War Crimes Commission Reports found in U.S. Department of State Dispatch , 3.39, 3.44, 3.46, 3.52 (1992); 4.6, 4.15, 4.16, 4.30 (1993). This author has edited the reports into a form more easy to cite, by numbering each entry. The edited versions are available on the World Wide Web: URL:

Electronic Bulletin Boards

Tribunal Watch World Wide Web Site on Major War Criminals/Suspects: Information and documents are from Hel-

sinki Human Rights Watch, International Criminal Tribunal in The Hague, UN Special Committees for War Crimes in the former Yugoslavia, and other international organizations and sources including referenced articles from newspapers:

United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia:

Court TV: War Crimes Tribunal Page (especially useful for description of the tribunal jurists and personnel):

Human Rights Watch/Helsinki Watch: gopher://

Commission of Experts on the Former Yugoslavia Established Pursuant to Security Council Resolution 780 (1992):

War Crimes Investigators' Open Source, Factual and Legal Resources:

Reports of Tadeusz Mazowiecki, Special Rapporteur on Human Rights to the United Nations: mazowiecki.html

Physicians for Human Rights: gopher:// 5000/11/int/phr

ICRC Operations in Western and Central Europe and the Balkans (with details on the Manjaca and

Mostar-area camps):

Efforts to Resist Cultural Genocide and Destruction of Manuscripts:

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