Guide to Pronunciation

The names Lejla and Jasmina are pronounced Lay-la and yas-Meen-a.

= English "ch"

Jovic[*] , a last name, is pronounced Yo-vich. Some Slavs in the West add an "h" to make the pronunciation clear, while others keep the original spelling. Mihajlovic (Michaelson) is pronounced Mi-Hay-lo-rich.

= a slightly different form of English "ch" The town of Foca[*] is pronounced Fo-cha.

= English "sh"

Pasic[*] and Basic[*] (common last names derived from the Ottoman honorific title "Pasha") are pronounced PAH-shich and Bah-shich. Musanovic[*] (Moses-son) is pronounced Mu-SHA-no-vich.

= French "j' or "z" as in "azure"

The southeast Bosnian town of Zepa[*] is pronounced Zheh-pa.

c = English "tz" Stolac, a town in Herzegovina, is pronounced Sto-latz.

Jugoslavija 1945 1991
Map 1. Yugoslavia, 1945-1991

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