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Otherwise, the titles of both periodicals and modern series are normally given in full. Moreover, since there is no bibliography, the full titles and references of articles and monographs in series are normally given on their first occurrence in each chapter. The following modern works, however, to which frequent reference is made, are always cited with abbreviated titles:

Arianism (1985)

R. C. Gregg (ed.), Arianism: Historical and Theological Reassessments. Papers from the Ninth International Conference on Patristic Studies. Patristic Monograph Series, No. 11. Philadelphia, 1985.

Brennecke, Hilarius (1984)

H. C. Brennecke, Hilarius von Poitiers und die Bischofsopposition gegen Konstantius II: Untersuchungen zur dritten Phase des arianischen Streites (337-361). Patristische Texte und Studien 26. Berlin and New York, 1984.

Brennecke, Homöer (1988)

H. C. Brennecke, Studien zur Geschichte der Homöer: Der Osten bis zum Ende der homöischen Reichskirche. Beiträge zur historischen Theologie 73. Tübingen, 1988.

Camplani, Lettere (1989)

A. Camplani, Le Lettere festali di Atanasio di Alessandria. Studio storico-critico. Rome, 1989.

Chasragnol, Fastes (1962)

A. Chastagnol, Les fastes de la préfecture de Rome au Bas-Empire. Études prosopographiques 2. Paris, 1962.

T. Mommsen, Chronica Minora saec. IV, V, VI, VII1, 2. Monumenta Germaniae Histórica, Auctores Antiquissimi 9,11. Berlin, 1892, 1894.

Consuls (1987)

R. S. Bagnall, Alan Cameron, S. R. Schwartz, and K. A. Worp, Consuls of the La ter Roman Empire. Atlanta, 1987.

Constantine (1981)

T. D. Barnes, Constantine and Eusebius. Cambridge, Mass., 1981.

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