Principal residences 355/6, winter Vienne 356/7, winter Sens 358, Jan.-360 Paris 360/1, winter Vienne

Attested movements58

355, Nov. 6 Proclaimed Caesar at Milan

At Milan Leaves Milan

Travels via Turin to Vienne At Vienne

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356, spring 356, April/May

356, June 24


357, spring

358, Jan.-July July-autumn

summer autumn

?Present at the Council of Baeterrae

Reaches Autun

Passes through Auxerre

Advances via Troyes, Rheims, Decern Pagi, Brotomagus

Recaptures Cologne

Visits Trier

Winters at Sens

Goes to Rheims

Marches toward Strasbourg and wins a victory over the Alamanni

Returns to Tres Tabcrnac Goes to Mainz

Conducts raid across the Rhine

For 54 days besieges barbarians who had fortified a town on the Meuse

Winters in Paris

Campaigns against the Salian Franci in Toxandria

In winter-quarters at Paris

Strengthens the Rhine frontier from Castra Herculis to Bingen

Crosses the Rhine from Mainz and conducts a raid into German territory In winter-quarters at Paris Proclaimed Augustus at Paris

Crosses the Rhine at Tricésima and attacks the Franci Attuarii

Marches up the left bank of the Rhine to Rauracum, then via Besançon to Vienne

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361, spring mid-July

Dec. 11

Winters at Vienne

Attacks Germans, crosses the Rhine, and goes to Rauracum

Leaves Rauracum, advances up the Rhine, then down the Danube via Sirmium as far as the Pass of Succi64

Returns to Naissus At Naissus

After receiving news of the death of Constantius, leaves Naissus and travels via Philippopolis and HeracJea/ Perinthus to Constantinople

Enters Constantinople

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