347, March 8 ?347, spring

May 11 ?348, summer

349, April 1

349, summer Oct. 3

350, spring 350, summer autumn

Wins a victory over the Persians

?Visits Constantinople'8 At Antioch

?344, summer Defeats the Persians near


Dec. 25

At Nisibis

At Edessa At Antioch At Antioch

At Ar.cyra

Themistius delivers his first imperial panegyric before Constantius at Ancyra

?At Hierapolis

Engages the Persians in battle near Singara23

At Antioch

At Singara, then Emesa ?At Constantinople At Edessa

?In Antioch while Shapur besieges Nisibis

?Visits Nisibis after the siege

Sets out westward from Antioch

Travels via Heraclea to Serdica

Engineers the abdication of Vetranio at Naissus

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351, March 15

351, summer and autumn

352, Feb. 26 May 12 summer

353, spring-summer

Sept. 6

354, spring

354, autumn-355, spring

Proclaims Callus Caesar at Sirmium

In Sirmium before and during the campaign against Magnentius

Present at the Council of Sirmium which deposed Photinus

At Sirmium

At Sirmium

?Campaign against the Sarmatae*0

Enters Italy

At Milan In Milan

At Lugdunum Winters in Aries

At Valentia

Crosses the Rhine at Rauracum

Winters in Milan

Conducts expedition into Raetia

Goes to winter quarters in Milan

In Milan wrongly given as 351); Zosimus 2.44.3/421

Sulpicius Severus, Chron. 2.38.5-7; Socrates, HE 2.28.23; Zosimus 2.45.3,48.3"

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