Principal residence

329-340 Trier Attested movements

337, c. Sept. Confers with Constantius

Julian, Orat. 1,19a, cf. Libanius Orat. 59.75 (suppressing the existence of Constantinus)

CIL 3.12483 = 1LS 724 + add. (3, p. clxxii) (Troesmis: 337/340)4

CTb 12.1.27 (to Celsinus, proconsul of Africa)5 Jerome, Chronicle 235a; Chr. min. 1.236; Epitome 41.21; Socrates, HE 2.5; Zonaras 13.56

and Constans in Pannonia


German campaign

340, late winter Invades the territory of

Constans and is killed near Aquileia

Imperial Residences and Journeys CONSTANTIUS

Principal residences

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