Chronology Of Athanasius Career And Writings

325 summer 328 June 8 335 July 11

November 7

337 June ?July

November 23

338 spring

339 April 16 summer

342 autumn

343 summer autumn

344 April ?autumn

345 spring summer

345 autumn

346 summer

October 21

Attends the Council of Nicaea

Consecrated bishop of Alexandria

Leaves Alexandria for the Council of Tyre

Exiled to Gaul

Allowed to return from exile

First audience with Constantius at Viminacium

Reenters Alexandria

Appears before Constantius at Caesarea in Cappadocia

Leaves Egy pt for Rome

Encyclical Letter

Orations against the Arians

First audience with Constans in Milan

Second audience with Constans in Trier

Attends the Council of Scrdica

Residing a: Naissus

Visits Adrianople

At the court of Constans in Aquileia

Granted permission by Constantius to return to Alexandria

Last audience with Constans in Trier

Travels from Aquileia to Rome and thence to Syria

Third audience with Constantius in Antioch

Reenters Alexandria

Defense against the Arians

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