Imperial Residences And Journeys 337361

The three sons of Constantine conferred in Pannonia in the late summer of 337 (Julian, Orat. 1, 19a), and it is a reasonable assumption that all three were together when they were jointly proclaimed Augusti on 9 September (Chr,; ntirt. 1.235). An earlier work plotted the known and probable movements of these three emperors from their proclamation as Caesars (1 March 317, 8 November 324, and 25 December 333 respectively) as far as the autumn of 337.' This appendix, which recapitulates, emends, and expands a preliminary study of imperial Chronology, A.D. 337-350,>2 uses the same format to plot their movements between 9 September 337 and their deaths, which occurred in 340, 361, and 350 respectively, and it extends the treatment to the Caesar Gallus and the emperor Julian down to December 361.3

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