The Composition Of The Defense Against The Arians

The Defense against the Arians has a puzzling structure which calls for explanation: 1-2 Introduction

3-58 Letters on behalf of Athanasius written by the following, with brief connecting remarks:

3-19 Council of Alexandria (338)

21-35 Julius, bishop of Rome, to the eastern bishops (341)

37-50 Council of Serdica (343)

51 Constantius to Athanasius (three letters of 345/6)

52-53 Julius to the church of Alexandria (346)

54-56 Constantius to

(1) bishops and priests of the catholic church

(2) the church of Alexandria

(3) governors in Egypt (all 346)

57 Council of Jerusalem (346)

58 Ursacius and Valens to

(1) Julius

(2) Athanasius (both 347)

59-87 The persecution of Athanasius by Melitians and Arians in the reign of Constantine, quoting many letters and other documents:

59.6 Constantine to Athanasius (probably early 328)

60.3 Constantine to Athanasius (331: the letter is omitted in the manuscripts)

61-62 Constantine to the church of Alexandria (332) 64 Retraction of Ischyras (shortly after 330)

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