Editions Of The Historia Acephala

A. Martin, Sources chrétiennes 317 (1985), 305/6, gives a concordance of the divisions of the text of the Historia acephala in all editions including her own. For the convenience of readers of this book, tabulated below is a concordance of the reference-systems of the most widely accessible and quoted modern editions:

(1) A. Martin, Sources chrétiennes 317 (1985), 138-168;

(2) P. Batiffol, 'Historia acephala Arianorum, edition diplomatique d'après le ms. Veronensis LX,' Mélanges de littérature et d'histoire religieuses offerts à l'occasion du jubilé episcopal de Mgr. de Cabrières, évêque de Montpellier 1 (Paris, 1899), 100-108; H. Fromen, Athanasii historia acephala (Diss. Münster, 1914), 69-85 (the section divisions in Robertson, Select Writings [1892], 496-499, correspond with Batiffol's except for the omission of a separate 13bis);

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