Athanasius Ad Epictetum

69. For these two churches, see A. Martin, 'Les premiers siècles du Christianisme à Alexandrie: Essai de topographie religieuse (III'-IV' siècles),' REAug 30 (1984), 211-235, at 215,217/8.

70. Basil, Epp. 66, 67, 69, 80, 82. Another letter (61) refers to Athanasius' condemnation of a governor of Libya who was a compatriot of Basil. The episode is otherwise unknown, and the man is absent from PLRE 1: for an attempt at identification (unconvincing), see S. G. Hall, 'Le fonctionnaire impérial excommunié par Athanase vers 371: Essai d'identification,' Politique et théologie (1974), 157-159.

72. J.-M. Leroux, Politique et théologie (1974), 145-156, argues that he had been out of touch ever since his return to Alexandria in 346.

73. PG 26.1029-1048 = Opitz 309-319, cf. now C. Kannengiessei; '(Ps.-) Athanasius, Ad Afros Examined,' Festschrift L. Abramowski (Tübingen, forthcoming).

74. Chapter X. On the letter (PG 26.1049-1069, reedited by G. Ludwig, Athanasii Epistula ad Epictetum piss. Jena, 1911]), which appears to have been written around the year 370, see É. D. Moutsoulas, 'La lettre d'Athanase d'Alexandrie à Epictetc,' Politique et théologie (1974), 313-333.

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