For the titles and editions of Athanasius' works, see M. Geerard, Clavis Patrum Graecorum 2 (Turnhout, 1974), 12-36 Nos. 2090-2170. (Chapter I notes the abbreviations used for those works which are most frequently cited.) The names of other ancient authors are normally given in full: for the abbreviations used for the titles of their works and for the standard collections of inscriptions and papyri, the following works of reference should be consulted:

The Oxford Classical Dictionary, second edition, ed. N. G. L. Hammond and H. H.

Scullard (Oxford, 1971), ix-xxii. H. G. Liddcll and R. Scott, A Greek-English Lexicon, ninth edition, rev. H. S. Jones

(Oxford, 1940), xvi-xlii. G. W. H. Lampe, A Patristic Greek Lexicon (Oxford, 1961), ix-xliii.

The following conventional abbreviations are used for the most frequently cited periodicals, modern series, and works of reference:

A)AH American Journal of Ancient History

BHE Bulletin d'histoire ecclésiastique

BHG* Bibliotheca Hagiographica Graeca, third edition in three volumes

{Subsidia Hagiographica 8a I Brussels, 1957J), with Auctarium (Subsidia Hagiographica 47 [Brussels, 1969J) BHL Bibliotheca Hagiographica Latina antiquae et mediae aetatis, in two volumes (Subsidia Hagiographica 6 [Brussels, 1898-1901]), with Supplementum (Subsidia Hagiographica 12 [Brussels, 1911J) and Novum Supplementum (Subsidia Hagiographica 70 [Brussels, 1986]) BHO Bibliotheca Hagiographica Orientalis (Subsidia Hagiographica 10

[Brussels, 1910J) BLE Bulletin de littérature ecclésiastique

BZ Byzantinische Zeitschrift

CCL Corpus Christianorum, Series Latina (Turnhout, 1954-)

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