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Red Sea

Solomon's Kingdom

Solomon's territories stretched from the Red Sea in the south to the Euphrates River in the north. It encompassed most of modern Israel and parts of present-day Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.

It has lost much of its fertility due to lack of water.

There is much to explore in this area of ancient Sheba, and it is still a dangerous place to go, but much scientific progress has been made. Investigations continue up to the present time. What the famed archaeologist W.F. Albright remarked about these excavations in 1953 still holds true: "They are in process of revolutionizing our knowledge of Southern Arabia's cultural history and chronology. Up to now the results to hand demonstrate the political and cultural primacy of Sheba in the first centuries after 1000 B.C." (Keller, p. 227).

As time goes by, more archaeological evidence continues to indicate that Solomon's reign was actually as magnificent as the Bible faithfully records. GN

The Early Kings of Israel:

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