Why did the rich young ruler not get saved

The rich young ruler sincerely wanted to get saved, but on his terms, not the terms Jesus laid down. He was not prepared to obey Jesus and put Him above his possessions. This is not teaching that believers have to dispose of all their possessions as a condition of salvation, but it does teach that whatever material wealth we do have must be placed at the service of God. We must be prepared to employ it for the Kingdom, not for self-gratification. Believers must place all of their possessions at the service of God once they are saved, and this is taught throughout the New Testament (CP Mt 6:19-21; Lu 12:13-21, 32-34; 16:9; Ac 2:44-45; 4:34-37; 1Ti 6:17-19; He 13:5). See also comments on Lu 12:16-21.

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