Why did Jesus liken the Pharisees to children in the market place

This is called the parable of the children in the market place. It is also found in Lu 7 (CP Lu 7:30-35). Jesus confronts His and John the Baptist's critics in this parable and exposes their inconsistency. The Pharisees criticized John, saying that he was demon-possessed because he did not socialize, while at the same time they criticized Jesus, calling Him a glutton and a wine-bibber, because He did socialize. Jesus compared them to a group of children in the market place who obstinately refused to take part in anything the other children did. Nothing the other children did could please them. The Pharisees were the same. They criticized John the Baptist for being austere, and they criticized Jesus for not being austere. Jesus' closing statement in the parable, "...but wisdom is justified of her children", was telling the Pharisees that notwithstanding that His and John's lifestyle were different, they were both correct in their purpose, and would both be proved correct by the results - people being saved.

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  • kenneth
    How did jesus socialize in the bible?
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    How does jesus compare the pharisees to children?
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