What is the significance of there being twelve baskets of food left over after more than five thousand were fed from five loaves and two fishes

This is also recorded in Mk 6:32-44; Lu 9:12-17 and Jn 6:1-13. There is no significance in the actual number of basketsful of food left over, but in the fact that regardless of the thousands who ate there was still food to spare. This happened again in Mt 15 (CP 15:29-38). Here there were well in excess of four thousand people fed, yet again there was food to spare - this time seven basketsful. We learn from these two miracles that not only will God multiply what little we have into much if we trust completely in His providence like Jesus did, but that His provision will far exceed our requirements (CP Eph 3:20). God also multiplied food in the Old Testament (CP 2Ki 4:42-44).

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