What is meant by the stone which the builders rejected the same is become the head of the corner

This forms part of the parable of the householder. It is a quotation from Psa 118 which is a messianic Psalm - one which foretells the events surrounding the coming of Messiah in the New Testament - (CP Psa 118:22-23). Jesus quoted this passage to draw the religious leaders' attention to the fact that the son whom the husbandmen slew in the parable represents the chief corner stone in God's redemptive plan. The stone of course is Jesus Himself - "The stone which the builders - the Jews - rejected" (CP Ac 4:10-11) - "a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offence" to unbelievers (CP Isa 8:13-15; Lu 2:34; Ro 9:30-33; 11:7-10; 1Cor 1:21-24; 1Pe 2:8). Jesus is the chief cornerstone - the head of the corner - in God's redemptive plan (CP Isa 28:16-17; Mk 12:10; Lu 20:17; Ro 10:11; Eph 2:19-22; 1Pe 2:6-7). Mt 21:44 means that whoever throws themselves on the mercy of Christ shall be broken and made contrite (CP V44 with Psa 34:18; 51:17; 147:3; Lu 20:18). But whoever rejects His mercy will damn themselves for eternity (CP Isa 60:12; Dan 2:44; Jn 3:16-18, 36).

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