What exactly is Jesus teaching here

Jesus is teaching here that there is no neutrality in Christianity. There is no such person in God's order of things as a silent witness. Everyone who is saved must bear witness to their Saviour. Jesus is teaching here that if Christians are not actively involved in doing the work of the gospel for Christ, then they are actively involved in doing the work of the devil in opposition to Christ (CP Mt 28:19-20). The word teach here means literally make disciples (CP Lu 8:16-18). Knowing that the gospel saves is not something Christians can keep to themselves. Jesus warns us here to heed what He says. We have not been given the light of divine truth to keep it to ourselves. We are to proclaim it to all who will listen. Those who do this will be given more light, while those who do not will lose even what little light they have. Only those who hear God's word and do it will be a part of His eternal kingdom (CP Mt 7:21-27; Lu 6:46-49; 13:22-30; Jn 15:5-6,10; Ro 2:713; Ga 6:7-8; Jas 1:22-25; 2:14-26; Rev 1:3). See also comments on Mt 28:1920.

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