What does the word Hosanna mean

Hosanna means save now, help now, or save, we pray thee (CP Psa 118:25-27). Save now in V25 is from the Hebrew word hoshiana, which translates to hosanna in the Greek New Testament where it is an exclamation of adoration, an acclamation of praise (CP Mk 11:9-10; Lu 19:37-38; Jn 12:12-13). The whole multitude of disciples who followed Jesus here acknowledged Him as Messiah -the one sent from God to save them. They acclaimed Him as King and were shouting His praises at the top of their voice. The setting is Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem on His way to the cross (CP Mt 21:1-11, 15-16). The Pharisees demanded that Jesus rebuke the crowd and silence them, but Jesus replied that even if He did the very stones on the ground would take up their cry (CP Lu 19:39-40).

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