What does Jesus mean by Do not give holy things to dogs nor cast your pearls before swine

In the general sense it means that objects of value or sacred things should not be offered to those who are incapable of appreciating them. However, the context of this saying centres on Christians judging others by their own standards, and it must be kept in that context (CP V1-6). The point Jesus makes in V6 is that as "dogs" are incapable of recognizing something sacred, and "pigs" have no regard for pearls, so believers cannot impose God's standards of morality upon those who are morally corrupt. Christians cannot expect those who have no relationship with God to adopt His standards of morality. Rather, the morally corrupt are more likely to turn on Christians trying to impose their morality on them, and attack them. Jesus is not teaching here as a great many Christians believe, that Christians are not to share the gospel with unrepentant sinners in case they reject it and attack the one preaching it, because He teaches everywhere else that Christians must be prepared to die for the gospel's sake if need be (CP Mt 10:38-39; Mk 8:34-37; Lu 9:23-25; Jn 12:24-26).

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    What does do not give holy things to dogs?
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    What does jesus mean by dogs?
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    What did jesus mean by do not give the dogs what is sacred?
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