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Home > Products> Foxit Reader for Windows

Home > Products> Foxit Reader for Windows

ï Foxit Reader for Windows


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Foxit Reader for Windows

Download Foxit Reader 2.3

What's new in 2.3

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Foxit Reader 2.3 for Windows Last Updated: 2008-08-04 OS: ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista Version: 2.3 Build 3201 End User License Agreement

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• Download Foxit Reader 2.3 (Installer: .exe, 2.56 MB)

• Download Foxit Reader 2.3 (ZIP Package: .zip, 2.92 MB)

• Download Foxit Reader 2.3 (.msi) (.msi, 3.64 MB)

• Download Foxit Reader 2.3 with Toolbar (.exe, 4.15 MB)

What's New in Foxit Reader 2.3

Foxit Reader 2.3 is just released. The new version 2.3 includes a multimedia player feature allowing Foxit users to not only read PDFs, but to watch and listen to the audio/video elements coming with PDFs as well. Click here to learn more.

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