What article in common use is defiling to the user

"Chemists, botanists, and physicians unite in pronouncing tobacco one of the most deadly poisons known. No other poison, with the exception of prussic acid, will cause death so quickly, only three or four minutes being required for a fatal dose to produce its full effect.

"The active principle of tobacco, that, is nicotine, a heavy, oily substance, which may be separated from the dried leaf of the plant by distillation or infusion. The proportion of nicotine varies from two to eight percent, Kentucky and Virginia tobacco usually containing six or seven percent. A pound of tobacco contains, on an average, three hundred and eighty grains of this deadly poison, of which one tenth of a grain will kill a dog in ten minutes. A case is on record in which a man was killed in thirty seconds by this poison... Hottentots use the oil of tobacco to kill snakes, a single minute drop causing death as quickly as a lightning stroke. It is much used by gardeners and keepers of greenhouses to destroy grubs and noxious insects [its proper sphere of usefulness]." J. H. Kellogg, M.D., in Health Science Leaflets, No.16.

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