What are some of the symptoms of tobacco poisoning

Dr. B. W. Richardson, one of the highest medical and scientific authorities of England, says: "Smoking produces disturbances (a). In the blood, causing undue fluidity and change in the red blood corpuscles; (b). In the stomach, giving rise to debility, nausea, and in extreme cases, sickness; (c). Of the heart, producing debility of that organ, and irregular action; (d). Of the organs of sense, causing, in the extreme degree, dilation of the pupil of the eye, confusion of vision, bright lines, luminous or cobweb specks, and long retention of images on the retina, with other and analogous symptoms affecting the ear, viz., inability clearly to define sounds, and the annoyance of a sharp, ringing sound like a whistle or a bell; (e). In the brain, suspending the waste of that organ, and oppressing it if it be duly nourished; (f). Of the nervous filaments and sympathetic or organic nerves, leading to deficient power in them, and to over secretion in those surfaces glands over which the nerves exert a controlling force; (g). In the mucous membrane of the mouth, causing enlargement and soreness of the tonsils, smoker's sore throat, redness, dryness, and occasional peeling off of the membrane, and either unnatural firmness and contraction or sponginess of the gums; (h). On the bronchial surface of the lungs when that is already irritable, sustaining the irritation and increasing the cough."

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