From what source come our words

"O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh." Matt. 12:34.

NOTE.-Great care should be exercised in the training of children's minds, as what is taken into them, from whatever source, will be sure to bear its legitimate fruit in due time. On this point, the Rev. T. De Witt Talmage has well said: "You may tear your coat or break a vase, and repair it again; but the point where the rip or the fracture took place will always be evident. It takes less than an hour to do your heart a damage which no time can entirely repair. Look carefully over your child's library; see what book it is that he reads after he has gone to bed. Do not always take it for granted that a book is good because it is a Sunday-school book. As far as possible, know who wrote it, who illustrated it, who published it, who sold it. It seems that in the literature of the day, the ten plagues of Egypt have returned, and the frogs and the lice have hopped and skipped over our parlor tables. Parents are delighted to have their children read, but they should be sure as to what they read. You do not have to walk a day or two in an infected district to get the cholera or typhoid fever; and one wave of moral unhealth will fever and blast the soul forever. Prehaps, knowing not what you did, you read a bad book. Do you not remember it altogether?-Yes; and perhaps you will never get over it However strong and exalted your character, never read a bad book. By the time you get through the first chapter, you will see the drift. If you find the marks of the hoofs of the Devil in the picture, or in the style, of in the plot, away with it. But there is more danger, I think, from many of the family papers, published once a week, in those stories of vice and shame, full of infamous suggestions, going as far as they can without exposing themselves to the clutch of the law. I name none of them; but say that on some fashionable tables there lie 'family newspapers' that are the very vomit of the pit."

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