Did this shameful proceeding make Hagar the wife of Abram

Sarai soon after realized the folly of her act in thus trying to change God's enduring plan, and never again alluded to Hagar as the wife of Abram, but called her "my maid," and "this bondwoman" (not second wife). Abram never regarded Hagar as his wife, but when speaking to Sarai, said "thy maid" (not my wife). Hagar did not consider herself the wife of Abram, but only the maid of "my mistress, Sarai." The angel of the Lord called Hagar "Sarai's maid," and said unto her, "Return unto thy mistress" (not, Return unto thy husband). And the Lord Himself by inspiration declares her to have been only "Hagar the Egyptian," and Abram's "bondwoman" (not second wife). His second wife was Keturah, married after the death of Sarai. Gen. 23:1, 2; 25:1. The foregoing quotations from Scripture prove that, instead of being a polygamist, Abram violated the seventh commandment. Although the Bible states that "he staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief," it is equally true that he staggered from the path of virtue at the instigation of his wife. But he was not a polygamist.

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