But did not Jacob have two wives

He did; but whether he had two or forty does not affect the plain counsel given him by God through Isaac, in harmony with the original plan. There were two reasons why Jacob took a second wife: (1) Laban practiced deception, giving Jacob the elder of the two sisters, Leah, for whom he had not love; (2) Rather than conform to God's order, and be content with Leah, suffering wrongfully a life long separation from Rachel, selfishness caused him to take both of them. But selfishness and deception are not attributes of God, therefore he neither directed the action nor became responsible for the result. And as one wrong step leads to another, so polygamy led to envy, jealousy, hatred, rivalry, and strife on the part of the sisters, as the result of which first one and then the other urged upon the too willing Jacob still further departure from God's plan, until the record stares with dishonor and degradation. But who believes that because of these things God blessed Jacob? Inspiration does not say so. And who does not know that he was blessed because of his humiliation and repentance for sin, particularly during that long night when by the brook he "was left alone, and there wrestled a man with him until the morning?" The record says it was the Lord, and that "He blessed him there," while confessing his sins, not while committing them.

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