Among the early Reformers were there any who observed the seventh day

"Carlstadt held to the divine authority of the Sabbath from the Old Testament." Life of Luther, page 402,

What did Luther say of Carlstadt's Sabbath views? "Indeed, if Carlstadt were to write further about the Sabbath, Sunday would have to give way, and the Sabbath that is to say, Saturday must be kept holy." Luther, against the Celestial Prophets, quoted in the Life of Martin Luther in Pictures, page 147.

NOTE. - Through the efforts of those who opposed the Sabbath during the Reformation, Sunday was brought from Catholicism into the Protestant church, and is now cherished as an institution of the Lord. It is clear, however, that it is none of His planting, but rather that of His enemies. The Lord sowed different seeds in the field; but "an enemy hath done this," to lead God's people away from the truth. A proclamation is now going forth, however, to revive the truth on this point. Some will heed the call, and when the message closes, God will have a people who are willing to recognize Him fully by keeping His down trodden Sabbath. To these He will say, "Well done."

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