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This ebook comes with the great features it has and offers you a totally simple steps explaining everything in detail with a very understandable language for all those who are interested.

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Everyone desires to feel attracted to the opposite sex because it gives a sense of self-importance and increases self-confidence. Most people, especially women, also have a crush on men but fear to make their move because they believe that men should make the first move. Text messages have become very common in the twenty-first century. It is the most commonly used means of communication that is emulated by many people. However, sending a text message can easily say the kind of person you are and give the other party an impression about your overall personality. Every woman should read the article on use texts to make men love you because it has tips on how to get men to love you just by communicating on text messages. Some texts make men be obsessed with you and who does not like to be the center of attraction? The author has used some of the instances that we face every day in the life and this resonated with me because I have been in some of the mentioned situations. In addition to that, the article guides on how to overcome breakups and get your man back by sending a powerful text message that will change his mind. Read more...

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The Devotion System is an online program you receive access to as soon as you make the purchase. It's the most comprehensive guide to finding love and to maintaining a healthy relationship you'll find. In fact, there's no other program out there like it. The Devotion System program is designed to help all women, regardless of their looks, to learn different techniques on dating, making a good impression to a man and ways to keeping a man obsessively devoted them.It is appropriate for both married, single women or women in a rocky relationship.The Devotion System isn't a complex online course that you'll be pouring through for hours, leaving you more confused than when you started. It's so weirdly easy to learn and use that it will become second-nature to you. Once you put it to work, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch as a man's heart melts with the purest form of love and attraction for you. Read more...

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A guardian who had been a father to me more than most real fathers [Letters p53

It was extremely hard, painful and bitter, especially at first but I don't think anything else would have justified marriage on the basis of a boy's affair and probably nothing else would have hardened the will enough to give such an affair permanence however genuine a case of true love . Letters p.53

Mystics and Troubadours

Mystic and the mystic to God.'' Hadewijch used the erotic language of courtly love songs as the medium for perceiving the metaphysical within the physical realm. She and her mystical colleagues experienced that true love is rewarded with a radical renewal of one's being. The creative power of love they then compared to the creating power of God. At the same time, along with the Minnesingers and troubadours, these women mystics recognized that erotic bliss can be bound up with great pain, disappointment, and despair that plunges the lover into an abyss from which there seems to be no rescue. Finally, along with Bernard, there is the sense that mystical union is inexpressible. To cite McGinn again ''Love is meant to be explored and experienced in all its many moods and forms rather than defined and categorized. . . . Although minne love is mysterious for Hadewijch, it is absolutely necessary - the very meaning of existence. 'I will tell you without beating around the bush,' she says,...

Bonhoeffers Search for a Political Ethic

Nowhere are Bonhoeffer's judgments about political liberalism more clearly stated than in a response he wrote in 1941 to William Paton's The Church and the New World Order, a book that explored the church's responsibility for social reconstruction after the war. Bonhoeffer begins by observing that the upheavals of the war have made continental Christians acutely conscious that the future is in God's hands and that no human planning can make men the masters of their fate. Consequently, the churches on the continent have an apocalyptic stance that can lead to other-worldliness, but may also have the more salutary effect of making the church recognize that the life of the church has its own God-given laws which are different from those which govern the life of the world. Accordingly, the church cannot and should not develop detailed plans for reconstruction after the war, but rather remind the nations of the abiding commandments and realities that must be taken seriously if the new order...

Literary influences on secular theology

The conservative Orthodox publicist Konstantin Leontyev responded critically to this positing of absolute love as Christianity's most foundational principle. In his article A Speech of F. M. Dostoevsky on Pushkin's Day (1882), Leontyev reproaches Dostoevsky for what he sees as an excessive religious optimism. After all, Dostoevsky's faith in the possibility of achieving heaven on earth seems misguided from a historical perspective. Therefore love cannot be the fundamental principle of Christianity that surely has to be the fear of God, which is the beginning of wisdom, which Leontyev interprets as faith. Only fear of God can lead us to humility and obedience, from which true love is born, as both a reward for fear and faith, and a special gift of grace.

The Second Authorship Kierkegaards Authorship from 1846 to 1855

Leveling, namely, the equality that exists between ourselves and our fellow human beings, equality that is not achieved by reducing them to the lowest common denominator, but which honors and respects them both in their human distinc-tiveness and in their equality before God. This is true love of neighbor.

The Precursors Of Plato

Religious teacher who is endeavouring to make men feel the necessity of acting from the highest principle and who, in view of this object, is not careful to make a distinction between one who is outwardly respectable and satisfies the demands of the ordinarily accepted code of morals, and one who falls vicious. For what he seeks is not merely to make men act rightly, but to make them act upon the right motive and he may even be inclined to accept the dangerous maxim that whatever is not of faith is sin, and to treat the outwardly good and the outwardly bad as upon the same level, in so far as the former, no less than the latter, want that deep religious principle from winch alone, in his view,

Ascetic theology St Ignatius

Ignatius effectively carries on where theology in the academy stops, supplementing dogmatic teaching about the improvement of the expiated and sanctified person with ideas taken from orthodox ascetics. As he saw it, doctrine is the foundation, but actual Christian living is the building itself. Ignatius' opposition to religious mysticism, romanticism, and Scholasticism took the form of a deep existential analysis of the internal life of the soul as it strives for Christian perfection. In his treatise, The Study of Monasticism, he describes how the monastic route is realized through the carrying of the cross, both externally in terms of corporeal suffering, and internally in terms of the struggle against the passions. For this reason he considers monasticism to be analogous to Christian martyrdom, given that both involve the repudiation of World and Self through obedience to God, in total opposition to the secular ideal of freedom. Further, both monasticism and...

Lecture 7 Foundation Of Moral Obligation

It is one thing for a man who actually loves God with all his heart and his neighbor as himself, to resolve to regulate all his outward life by the law of God, and a totally different thing to intend to love God or to intend His highest glory and well-being. Resolutions may respect outward action, but it is totally absurd to intend or resolve to form an ultimate intention. But be it remembered, that morality and religion do not belong to outward action, but to ultimate intentions. It is amazing and afflicting to witness the alarming extent to which a spurious philosophy has corrupted and is corrupting the church of God. Kant and Cousin and Coleridge have adopted a phraseology, and manifestly have conceived in idea a philosophy subversive of all true love to God and man, and teach a religion of maxims and resolutions instead of a religion of love. It is a philosophy, as we shall see in a future lecture, which teaches that the moral law or law of right, is entirely distinct from and may...

The John 316 God Loves Everyone Fraud

16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 17 For God sent hot his Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through him might be saved 18 He that believeth on him is not condemned but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten God. 19 And this is the condemnation that light is come into the world and men loved darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil.20 For everyone that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. Notice that the verse does not say, God loves everyone. It says that whosoever (not every person, but those that believe, however many they be) believeth should not perish but have eternal life. Verse 15 is always conveniently left out of the equation when this verse is quoted because it is restrictive and does not suit the purpose...

Crucified dead and buried

Into all that went on in the soul of Jesus during that bitter hour we cannot presume fully to enter. We can only venture conjectures from the imperfect record. Was it the consciousness of the seeming failure of his mission, apparently so soon to be terminated in pitiful futility Was it the burden of the world's sin, the awful weight of man's blindness and depravity Was it the apparent hopelessness of trying to make men realize the radiant vision of the reign of God, which Jesus had endeavoured to share Was it the seeming imminent triumph of evil, the victory within man himself of all that was ruining man, and the attendant defeat of God Was it uncertainty, in the face of what looked like tragic frustration, of what God's will was

Is Universalism a Licentious Doctrine

Do not wicked people love their children -- Well, do not good people love theirs too -- Certainly. But are we to say that because wicked people think and feel in this respect like good parents, it is a sure sign that good people ought not to love their children Preposterous Again Good husbands love their wises so do many wicked people. But in all conscience, reader, does this prove that no one ought to love his wife because many mean men love their wives And yet, all this would be just as reasonable as to say that because some wicked men love Universalism it must be wrong , and therefore, no one ought to love it. -- Still further, if we are to love nothing that wicked men love, and do nothing that wicked do, we must not love to provide for our families -- must not love to eat -- must not love to sleep -- must not love to work -- in fine, must not love to live, because, forsooth, wicked men love these things.

Love songs

Though the love song comes in many guises - songs of exultation and praise, songs of rage and of despair, erotic songs, songs of abandonment and loss - they all address God, for it is the haunted premise of longing that the true love song inhabits. It is a howl in the void for love and for comfort It is the song of the lover in need of her loved one, the raving of the lunatic supplicant petitioning his God. It is the cry of one chained to the earth and craving flight a flight into inspiration and imagination and divinity.

Little ones

Who are those concerned It is strange how, in many of the arguments about sexual ethics, the children have been the least considered. Liberals, concentrating on relationships between adults and the excellence of sexuality, have over-ridden the interests of children a serious indictment against followers of Christ. The strong argument, which many people have found out the hard way, against the hope that a more relaxed family law will make unhappy people happier is the miserable effect which unstable relationships really do have upon children of all ages. When loving parents, stuck in their own troubles, are unable, not unwilling, to give their children the security everyone knows they need, and when pastors and legislators are preoccupied with helping the course of true love to run smooth, who is to speak for the whole family The belated appreciation of this priority is an encouraging factor in recent discussion (English Law Commission 1993 Burgoyne et al. 1987). As the children of...

The Language of Love

Plutarch's dialogue on ''Love'' (Erotikos), an echo of Plato's Symposium, is of interest for his praise of marriage over ''boy-love.'' It seems that pederasty may still have been a matter of debate centuries after the late Plato began to question it and Aristotle had condemned homosexual relationships as a disease. In Erotikos, Protogenes claims that ''there is only one genuine Love, that of boys,'' and that ''of true Love the women's apartment has no shred.'' The only reason for marriage is that it is ''necessary for the propagation of the race.'' In response, Daphnaios asserts that marriage leads to friendship and mutual respect whereas boy-love is contrary to nature. ''But the love of virtuous women not only undergoes no autumn, but flourishes even with hoary head and wrinkles and abides forever in tombs and monuments. Very few unions of male lovers have endured, but of men and women joined in love we can count myriads of cases where unions wholly faithful have been maintained...


(a) It is both unworthy and criminal for a finite being to make himself his own end, because it is an end that can be reached only by degrading self and wronging others but, (b) for an infinite Creator not to make himself his own end would be to dishonor himself and wrong his creatures since, thereby, (c) he must either act without an cud, which is irrational, or from an end which is impossible without wronging his creatures because (c) the highest welfare of his creatures, and consequently their happiness, is impossible except through the subordination and conformity of their wills to that of their infinitely perfect Ruler and (d) without this highest welfare and happiness of his creatures God s own end itself becomes impossible, for he is glorified only as his character is reflected in, and recognized by, his intelligent creatures. Creation can add nothing to the essential wealth or worthiness of God. If the end were outside himself, it would make him dependent and a servant. The...

Sex without Ends

Because sexual activity is thought to express the self, the end of desire represents a loss of self. Children, pleasure, and power may be goals of sexual activity, but they will not bring sexual satisfaction insofar as satisfaction implies an end to motivation and desire. Rather than enjoying the tranquility of their maturity, middle-aged men would rather feel yearnings from within. A sexual drive (or Viagra) restores the self, inasmuch as personal contentment is found through inextinguishable desire. Medieval troubadours, in celebration of the beloved's lure, did not strive for consummation as much as for the abandonment of self in the striving. Consummation marked an end never to be reached, particularly since romantic love was defined outside of the social bonds of household and marriage (Rougemont 1983). Late twentieth-century romantics, in contrast, gain a self through desire. Their true love requires no sacrifice, and now, sexual objects are expected to be both accessible and...

Men women and people

Children of God come in two kinds, men and women and through most of history, for reasons bad and good, women's lives have had a narrower scope than men's. Feminists believe it is high time for women to enter the full heritage of humanity, but there are better and worse ways of this happening. In reaction against ancient stereotyping, the first instinct of people who want to liberate women may be to deny that gender matters and try to make men and women interchangeable. Though a man cannot bear a child, and a woman cannot lift a heavy weight, maybe with creches and machinery these differences can be minimized. Women must be strong-minded and men gentle, and remaining prejudices must be legislated away. Sadly or triumphantly, people find that gender still matters that 'unisex' is not practical and indeed that neither men nor women much want it to be practical. So traditionalists try to refurbish 'complementarity', while feminists begin to emphasize, not deny, that women are different...

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