Cyclic Phenomena

Meaning of the Expression "Coats of Skin" 262

Natural Selection and its Results 264

The Egyptian "Circle of Necessity" 265

Pre-Adamite Races 268

Descent of Spirit into Matter 270

The Triune Nature of Man 276

The Lowest Creatures in the Scale of Being 277

Elementals Specifically Described 279

Proclus on the Beings of the Air 279

Various Names for Elementals 281

Swedenborgian Views on Soul-Death 284

Earth-Bound Human Souls 286

Impure Mediums and their "Guides" 291

Psychometry an Aid to Scientific Research 298


Pere Felix Arraigns the Scientists 302

The "Unknowable" 304

Danger of Evocations by Tyros 306

Lares and Lemures 308

Secrets of Hindu Temples 313

Reincarnation 314

Witchcraft and Witches 315

The Sacred Soma Trance 319

Vulnerability of Certain "Shadows" 324

Experiment of Clearchus on a Sleeping Boy 326

The Author Witnesses a Trial of Magic in India 329

Case of the Cevennois 331

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