The Precursors Of Plato

of the philosophy of Socrates—his# abrupt and un-mediated contrast of knowledge and ignorance, the indeterminateness of his conception of the good, his tendency to over-emphasise the subjective aspect of ethics and to withdraw the individual from the community, and man from the universe of which he is essentially a part. On the other hand, while thus feeing the ideas of Socrates from their onesided-ness, Plato drew the Eleatic conception of the unity of all things out of its abstraction, and found in the teleological ideas of Socrates the means of combining it with the Heraclitean conception of manifoldness and change. He thus laid the foundations of idealistic philosophy for all subsequent times.

It will be my endeavour in the following lectures to show how these views are developed in the successive dialogues of Plato.

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