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like the first emergence of the plant from underground where its germinative forces have been slowly maturing.

We can see; however, that it was very natural Cor Socrates, as for other teachers in a similar ' position, to exaggerate the difference between conscious morality and that which is relatively' unconscious. His whole purpose, his essential work and vocation, was to awaken men to reflexion, to arouse them to a clear consciousness of themselves, to call upon them to take life seriously and realise for themselves what they were to make of their lives. His attitude was like that of a modern religious teacher who is endeavouring to make men feel the necessity of acting from the highest principle; and who, in view of this object, is not careful to make a distinction between one who is outwardly respectable and satisfies the demands of the ordinarily accepted code of morals, and one who falls ยป

below that standard, or even one who is openly f vicious. For what he seeks is not merely to make men act rightly, but to make them act upon the right motive; and he may even be inclined to accept the dangerous maxim that "whatever is not of faith is sin," and to treat the outwardly good and the outwardly bad as upon the same level, in so far as the former, no less than the latter, want that deep religious principle from winch alone, in his view,

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