The Platonic Philosophy 229

pattern of that which is ever the same, are of necessity beautiful; while those things which he has produced after the pattern of that which has come to be—a pattern which is itself not original but created—cannot be beautiful. Now as to the whole sphere of heaven, the ordered universe, or whatever we please to call it, our first enquiry in this as in every other subject must be, whether it always existed and had no birth or origination from anything else than itself, or whether it came into being and had a beginning in something else. It did begin to be, I reply; for it is visible and tangible, and it has a material body; and of all such sensible things, which are apprehended by opinion with the aid of sense, we must say that they are in process of becoming and are the results of such a process; hence we must needs say that it had a cause/'

"Now the Maker and Father of this universe is hard to find, and even if we had found him it would be impossible to reveal him to all men. There is, however, an enquiry which we may make regarding him, to wit, which of the patterns he had in view when he fashioned the universe,—the pattern of the unchangeable, or of that which has come to be. If the world indeed be beautiful and its artificer good, it is manifest that he must have had in view the etomal as his model and pattern; but if the reverse be true, which cannot be said without

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