These volumes * contain the Gifford Lectures deliver in the University of Glasgow in Sessions 1900 and 1901-2. I have, however, rewritten most them, and have added three lectures upon par of the subject which I was not able to discu with sufficient fullness.

I have attempted, so far as was possible withi the limits of such a course of lectures, to give a account of those ideas of Greek philosophy whic have most powerfully affected the subsequent develo] ment of theological thought. In doing so, I hav had to make a selection of topics which may requix some explanation, both as to what it includes an as to what it excludes. On the one hand, I hav thought it best to confine myself mainly to th most important writers, to Plato and Aristotle to the chief representatives of the Stoic philosophy and to Philo and Plotinus among the iTeo-Platonists and I have made no attempt to deal with secondar

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