And Their Systematic Unity 121

It must abstract from all that is not connected with its own specific aim, or included in the specific sphere of existence it has to investigate, in order that it may take as complete a view as possible of all that contributes to that aim, or falls within that sphere.

And—subject to a qualification to be explained in

Platonic ideas may be fairly inter-in this sense; for by an idea Plato means which can be defined, and from the definition of which consequences can be drawn, Le. he means not a bare unit but a unity of differences, not a simple abstraction which excludes all distinction, but a content whose elements, though distinguishable, are yet in transparent unity with each other. When,

therefore, he speaks of the exclusion of multiplicity

ideas and -from the science of them, what he means to express is that, when we reach the inmost nature of anything we find in it, not parts that are external to each other, or phases

are recognised as essential y con-

In other ; words, what he is aiming at is not the negation of all difference, do not flow from

or are not involved m it.

seems to

of Plato, though we to acknowledge that at this stage of his

he dwells too exclusively upon the

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