How Millions Have Been Deceived

This mass deception is so widespread and so believable because many of its tenets "look good" on the surface. Most of its practitioners will say that we must believe in Christ. They will say that Christians should exhibit love, kindness, mercy and patience, and that Christians should "do good" to their fellow man—give to the poor and support hospitals, charities and homes for unwed mothers. They will say that Christians should respond to Jesus' "law of love."

All of this sounds biblical. It sounds very good!

But these practitioners do not tell you which of the laws of God are to be kept—and exactly how God's laws are to be obeyed. These people will talk sentimentally about Christ being the "Lord" of our lives. But they will inevitably fail to explain that if Jesus is "Lord," we must obey Him! They will never tell you that Jesus directly and consistently taught obedience to all of the Ten Commandments!

Therefore, because of this Satan-inspired deception, many of the bloodiest wars in modern history have been waged between professing "Christian" nations in Europe. Bishops on one side would bless their troops as they prepared for battle. The bishops on the other side did the same. Then thousands of young men— often still in their teens—would rush up some hill to shoot or brutally stab to death other young men who were often of the very same church denomination! All were supposedly "Christian." All were supposedly of the "body of Christ"—the Church of which Jesus is the living, active Head (Ephesians 1:22-23).

Does reading this make you a little "uncomfortable"? Well, it should! And, more importantly, I hope and pray that it makes you think. Because all too many of us have just grown up in some mainstream church and taken our religious beliefs for granted— simply assuming that all would be well if we just went along with the crowd, blended into this world, and lived reasonably decent and "respectable" lives. That is precisely how most of us have been terribly deceived, as I was in years past—and have unwittingly come to believe in a false gospel, a wrong way of life and a "different" Jesus Christ!

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