Why This Book is Important by Jordan Maxwell

Many years ago it was pointed out to me that in order to know correctly the very foundations on which anything is based, one must DIG UNDER the foundation on which the thing STANDS. Only then does one have a true understanding of the subject. I believe it is an "Idea whose time has come" to make this fascinating knowledge that this book provides, available to the person who wants to know the secrets of theology.

This out-of-print classic work by Robert Hewitt Brown is being reprinted by The Book Tree because it contains information as valuable today as when originally published. This book reveals the hidden meanings behind the occult signs and symbols contained in the stellar theology and Masonic astronomy from ancient times.

This book is a primer, a beginning point, for the study of signs and symbols that have relevance today because they are used—everywhere— with a purpose.

This is a book about "open secrets." Open secrets are those that are plainly seen, available to everyone, yet have their meaning hidden because most people simply do not know the meaning behind the symbology. If I went to a city in the Moslem part of the world and tried to read their newspaper I could not do so. It is not because I am ignorant, but I do not know the language. The symbols are foreign to me: though the stories are readily available, and are actively communicated to others. Yet I cannot read them. This book provides a starting place to learn the "alphabet" of SYMBOLS SO you can understand the meaning behind them.

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