emblem last referred to. The lines at the extremities of A B are perpendicular to it, and in a properly drawn triple tau the lines M N, O P, and K L, are all equal to each other, and equal to the radius of the circle which may be inscribed within them. The radius of any circle is one sixth of its circumference, and, therefore, is a chord of an arc of 60°. It therefore follows that the line K L is divided by the perpendicular C D into two parts, each of which represents 30°, or one sign of the zodiac. The same is true of the lines M N and O P, each of which is divided by A B into parts representing a chord of 30°. The line OP is thus the chord of the two signs Y and e, the line K L is the chord of H and and the line M N of SI and np, which constitutes 180°, and takes us to the first point of Libra (£), at the autumnal equinox.

The first six signs of the zodiac, reaching from the vernal to the autumnal equinox, and constituting the Royal Arch of heaven, are therefore represented with geometrical precision by the exterior lines of the triple tau, while, at the same time,

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