Triple Tau And Circle Embordered With Parallel Lines Combined

the triple tau and that of "a circle embordered by two parallel lines," we will have a correct geometrical representation of the whole zodiac, the four principal points of which will also be designated in a similar manner, by which it will be seen that the two emblems are in fact but parts of one complete whole.

The union of these two masonic emblems gives us the device which appears between them in the above diagram, which, as will be seen, is another ancient and well-known emblem, sometimes called the "cross of Jerusalem." It consists of the tau cross four times repeated, and joined at a common center, which is really that of the zodiac. The circle about that center is sometimes exhibited in this emblem, but is more frequently left out, as not being required to express its meaning, and adding nothing to its beauty. This emblem would be more properly known under the name of the quadruple tau. This emblem was brought by the Crusaders from the East, and they, ignorant of its true meaning, adopted it as the symbol of their faith, from its supposed resemblance to the Christian cross.

The quadruple tau represents at one view the entire universe. The central lines, one of which is horizontal and the other perpendicular, thus crossing each other at right angles, point to and embrace the four quarters of the celestial and terrestrial spheres. The limits of the sun's circuit amon the stars, both at the solstitial and equinoctial points, are designated by

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