The Seven Stars

Q. To what does the masonic emblem of the seven stars allude?

A. To the Pleiades, or seven stars in Taurus. These stars are called by the Romans Vergilioe, or Virgins of Spring. The constellation Taurus was anciently at the vernal equinox, and the year formerly then began. Thus Virgil, referring to a remoter age, in the "Georgics," Book I says:

"Candidus auratis aperit cum Cornibus annum taurus."

"When the bright bull with gilded horns opens the year. "

Job speaks of the Pleiades, also, as exerting "a sweet influence," expressive of the balmy air of spring which accompanies the approach of the sun to the constellation Taurus and the "seven stars." This masonic emblem, therefore, has a direct allusion to the vernal equinox, and thus becomes a beautiful symbol of immortality, reminding us, also, of that starry home beyond the grave to which the soul of man aspires. It was for these reasons that, of all the "hosts of heaven," the Pleiades were selected as an emblem by our ancient brethren.

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