The Purpose of Signs and Symbols

Signs and symbols are not merely for decoration or random meaningless marks without purpose. Signs and symbols have real, specific and precise meanings. Also, signs and symbols usually have ONE PURPOSE — to identify, and the identification is expressed in two ways — (1) by showing ownership, and (2) by showing direction.

Signs and symbols can show ownership. "Property of the United States Government — Keep Out." For businesses ownership is expressed by signs on store windows to tell you what the store is selling, special sales, hours of operation, directions to other stores, or telephone numbers. When the signs and symbols are "occult" (cleverly concealed or hidden) using astronomical and Masonic signification, ownership is also being expressed.

Signs also identify what direction you are traveling ("Route 22" or "San Diego, 3 miles"), or what you should do ("Eat at This Restaurant," "Shop at That Grocery" or "STOP.") Highway signs, now international in usage, have generic icons recognizable for children and those with minimum education. The occult astronomical and Masonic signs and symbols are also generic, but are recognizable ONLY IF YOU KNOW the meaning behind them.

A surprising number of ancient symbols are found on exterior and interior decorations of most of our churches, synagogues, temples, government buildings, as well as banks, insurance companies, hospitals and other institutional buildings. I propose to you that such signs and symbols demonstrate ownership and point the public in a desired direction.

Advertising, the world over, uses familiar signs and symbols so that the potential buyer can readily recognize the product, service or company selling the product.

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