The Eye Of Osiris


"Ancient Egyptians")

The foregoing is a copy of the Egyptian emblem of the eye of Osiris, taken from the ancient monuments, and found both painted and sculptured on the yet remaining temple walls.

Masonic Signs

Q. To what does the first sign of an E. A. M. allude?

A. To the autumnal equinox, or place of darkness, and the sign Libra (£), which is found there, composed of two parallel lines. This sign teaches equality, because at the equinox the days and nights are equal. Equality is the first lesson which a mason receives:

The king from out his palace must leave his diadem outside the mason's door, And the poor man find his true respect upon the checkered floor. (Morris)

The sign Libra also teaches us to weigh all things in the scales of reason. It is probable that the first sign of an E. A. M. alludes to both equinoctial points. When the sun enters Libra he takes the first of the three leading to his overthrow at the winter solstice; and in like manner, when he enters Aries, at the vernal equinox, he takes the first toward his exaltation at the summer solstice.

Q. To what does the first sign of a F. C. M. allude?

A. The first three signs of the zodiac, subtending an angle of 90° from the vernal equinox to the summer solstice.

A. That all is beneath him, and alludes to the sun, which, when raised into the third sign from the vernal equinox to the summit of the zodiacal arch, looks down upon all the signs and constellations beneath him; so, in like manner, a mason having taken the third degree has attained an equal masonic elevation. It also alludes to that benediction or blessing which the sun of the summer solstice bestows upon the labors of the husbandman, and has always been considered the sign of benediction and prayer. (Matt. 19:13-15; Acts 6:6; 13:3.)

Masonic Significance of the Zodiacal Signs

Q. Have the zodiacal signs any further masonic significance?

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