The Astronomical Triple

Q. Has the triple tau any further astronomical signification?

A. It has—for, when the geometrical principles upon which it is erected are analyzed, it will be found to represent, symbolically, the Royal Arch, together with its three principle points, and many other astronomical particulars. In order to explain this more fully, let us draw out on our "trestle-board" a triple-tau. We will first draw the line A B (see the following diagram), representing the great equinoctial colure; on this describe a semicircle, and erect the Royal Arch (see illustration on page 69). Next distinguish the two equinoctial points by two parallel lines, in the same manner as the solstitial points are marked in the emblem of "a point within a circle" (see page 130). Draw the line C D, representing the summer solstice and tropic of cancer, in the same manner as shown in the

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