Part Third

Chapter 7

Astronomical Explanation of the Emblems,

Symbols, and Legends of the Mysteries, Both Ancient and Modern, and the Lost

Meaning of Many of Them Restored 106

The Seven Stars 107

The Ladder of Seven Rounds 108

The Masonic Ladder of Three Rounds 113

The Zodiacal Ladder 114

Faith, Hope, and Chanty 116

The Three Steps 116

The Winding Steps 117

Corn, Oil, and Wine 121

The Blazing Star 123

The Rite of Circumambulation 124

The Square 126

Masonic Festivals 128

The Circle Embordered by Two Parallel Lines 129

The Lamb-Skin 132

The All-Seeing Eye 133

Masonic Signs 134

Masonic Significance of the Zodiacal Signs 135

The Beautiful Virgin of the Third Degree 137

Fiction of the Weeping Virgin 138

The Evergreen 147

The Sprig of Acacia 148

The Letter "G" 149

The Equilateral Triangle 149

The Compasses 150

The Emblem of Ears of Corn Hanging by a

Water-Ford, or a Sheaf of Wheat by a River 153

Sibola 155

Chapter 8

Astronomical Explanation (Continued) 157

The Pillars of the Porch 157

The Globes 159

The Northeast Corner and the Corner-Stone 166

The Checkered Floor 173

Druidical Temples 179

The Cornucopia 180

The Beehive 182

The Anchor, the Scythe, and the Rainbow 182

The Coffin, Spade, etc 183

The Key-Stone, and the Legend of its Loss 183

The Key-Stone 184

The Circle on the Key-Stone 184

The Legend of the Lost Word 187

The Masonic Ark 194

The Lion, the Eagle, the Ox, and the Man 198

The Royal Arch Banner 199

The Number "Seven" 201

The Word "Seven" 204

The "Figure" Seven 205

Triple Tau 205

The Astronomical Triple Tau 215

The Quadruple Tau 217

The Words "Mystery" and "Masonry" 220

The Antiquity of Masonry 229

Freemasonry Not Sun-Worship 229

Chapter 9

Conclusion 232

Index 242

list of ill ustra tions

Osiris 15

Isis and Horus 17

Gnostic Gem of Isis 17

Dionysus, or Bacchus 18

Ceres, Demeter, Isis, etc 18

Virgo 19

Ancient Egyptian Year 21

Diagram of the Ecliptic and Equator 51

The Royal Arch 69

Astro-masonic Emblem—Sun in Leo 92

The Lion's Paw—Ancient Egyptian Drawing 98

Judgment of Amenti 102

Emblem of Truth—Egyptian 102

Masonic Ladder of Three Rounds 113

Zodiacal Ladder 114

Blazing Star 123

Anubis 124

Cubit of Justice—Egyptian 127

Circle Embordered by Parallel Lines 130

Lamb-Skin or Leather Apron—Egyptian 132

Rameses the Great Offering Wine (Figure 1) 133

Hierogrammat, or Sacred Scribe (Figure 2) 133

Eye of Osiris 134

Astrological Figure of Homo 135

Fiction of the Weeping Virgin—

Monument of Hiram Abiff 138

The Lawrence Monument 144

Beautiful Virgin of the Third Degree 145

Seal of King Solomon 152

Cube and Sphere 152

Sheaf of Wheat Hanging by a River 153

Pillars of the Porch 158

Pillars of the Porch, from an Ancient Medal 162

Pillars of the Porch, the True Position 162

The Northeast Corner, Figures 1, 2, 3, and 4 168

Egyptian Pylon and Winged Globe 171

Rising Sun of the Summer Solstice 174

Section of the Great Pyramid 176

Cornucopia 180

Pan 181

Capricornus 181

Key-Stone 184

Solstice Diagram 192

Egyptian Ark (Wilkinson) 195

Ark of Osiris (Kitto) 196

Key, Emblem of 197

Ancient Egyptian Iron Key 198

Royal Arch Banner 200

Triple Tau 205

Taurus and the Tau Cross 209

Crux Ansata, Emblem of Eternal Life (Egyptian) 213

Goddess of Truth and Justice Holding Crux Ansata 214

Geometrical Triple Tau 216

Astronomical Triple Tau 216

Pillars of Wisdom, Strength, and Beauty 217

Triple Tau and Circle Embordered with

Parallel Lines Combined 218

Quadruple Tau 219

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