Part Second

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Arranged in the Form of a Masonic Lecture, and illustrated by a Zodiacal Diagram

Chapter 5

Masonic Astronomy 64

Name of the Order 64

Astronomy and Geometry 65

The Lodge 65

The Officers' Stations 66

The Masonic Journey 67

Masonic Words and Names 67

The Royal Arch 68

King Solomon's Temple 72

Hiram Abif 75

Chapter 6

The Astronomical Allegory of the Death and Resurrection of the Sun 84

A Masonic Allegory, Part I —

Death of the Sun 87

The Raising of Osiris, an Allegory of the

Resurrection of the Sun 91

A Masonic Allegory, Part II —

Resurrection of the Sun 94

Appendix To Part Second 98

The Judgment of the Dead 100

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