Masonic Words and Names

A. It has more than one collateral meaning, pronounced or written either forward or backward, but if divided into the radicals of which it is composed it will be found to signify the Fire-God or Quickening Fire—i.e., the sun.

A. This word, if divided into its radicals, means the moon.

A. The roots of which it is composed signify the Benevolent God of Fire—i.e., the sun; and, as it was by the aid of fire that metals were first brought into a state fit for the use of man, this divinity was named Vulcan by the Romans, and worshipped by them.

A. It is derived from two roots, which signify the origin or manifestation of light; also he who was and is.

Q. What, then, does the whole name signify?

A. The source of eternal light—i.e., the sun—taken as an emblem of Deity.

Q. Whom, therefore, does O. G. M. H. A. represent. A. The great source of light—the sun.

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