Many of Them Restored

HAVING EXPLAINED the solar allegory which is embodied in the legend of Hiram, as well as the solar symbolism attaching to the officers of the lodge, their several "stations" and duties, and the "lights, covering, and supports of the lodge," it now remains to consider the various emblems and other legends of freemasonry. If it can be shown that all of them (which are at all ancient) have also a solar and astronomical allusion, in perfect harmony with each other and with the main central legend which they are intended to illustrate, the fact that the whole system is founded on an astronomical allegory will be irresistibly forced upon us. The various emblems, symbols, and legends dependent on that of Hiram, and intended to illustrate it, will therefore next claim attention. In this examination the same method of question and answer will be pursued, as being best adapted to the object in view:

Q. Have all the ancient signs, symbols, emblems, and legends of the Mysteries, both ancient and modern, an astronomical allusion?

A. They have. As the whole system has an ancient astronomical foundation, it could not be otherwise.

Q. Has the astronomical allusion of many of the emblems, symbols and legends been lost?

A, It has; as to some, entirely, and as to others, in part. The allusion is, however, so perfect in most cases, that it may be restored by the use of the key already furnished to the main central allegory, to which they are all harmoniously related.

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