Mysteries Of Libra

This constellation is anciently represented by the figure of a man or woman holding a pair of scales. The human figure is omitted in all Arabian zodiacs, as it is held unlawful by the believers in the Koran to make any representation of the human form. In our zodiac, also, the balance only is depicted, probably because we received the zodiac from the Arabians. This constellation may be distinguished by a quadrilateral of four stars, but it contains none of great brilliancy. In the Hebrew zodiac Libra is ascribed to Asher This constellation formerly was on the autumnal equinox, and when the sun entered its stars the days and nights were equal. To this the Latin poet Virgil alludes:

Libra die somnique pares ubi fecerit horas, Et medium luci atque umbris jam devidit orbem.

When Libra makes the hours of day and night equal, and now divides the globe in the middle, between light and shades. — "Georgics," Book I

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