This is another celebrated and beautiful constellation. It is easily known by five or six bright stars situated in the neck and head of the Lion, and arranged in the form of a sickle. Its two brightest stars are Regulus and Denebola, the former in the sickle and the latter near the tip of the tail. Regulus is a very bright star, and is situated almost exactly in the ecliptic. It is, therefore, of great use to navigators in determining the longitude of the sea. The constellation Leo is also celebrated as being the radial point from which the remarkable meteoric showers of November proceed. If this phenomenon was observed by the ancients, it must have greatly increased the veneration and awe with which this sacred constellation was viewed.

The constellation Leo is, for many reasons, full of significance to masons. It once marked the summer solstice, and at the building of King Solomon's temple was much nearer that point than now; this change of position, consequent upon the precession of the equinoxes, will be subsequently explained, together with the intimate connection between the constellation Leo and the masonic tradition. In the Hebrew zodiac Leo is the significator of the tribe of Judah. According to astrology, it is the "sole house of the sun."

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