Understanding Why This Book is

Important by Jordan Maxwell: vii

Part First

Chapter 1

Introduction — A Few Words to the

Masonic Fraternity 2

Chapter 2

The Ancient Mysteries Described 6

Chapter 3

A Chapter of Astronomical Facts 41

The Ecliptic 42

The Zodiac 42

Aries 43

Taurus 43

Gemini 44

Cancer 44

Leo 45

Virgo 45

Libra 46

Scorpio 46

Sagittarius 47

Capricornus 47

Aquarius and Pisces 47

The Signs of the Zodiac 47

The Solstitial Points 50

The Equinoctial Points 50

The Precession of the Equinoxes 52

Chapter 4

What the Ancients Knew about

Astronomy 57

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